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Who is J. Allen you ask? J. Allen is known to be a gifted vocalist, vocal coach, music director, educator, and songwriter. In an industry saturated with talented vocalists, J. Allen Pealer is of a different sort. His sultry tone, pure delivery, and contagious energy have made him a much-requested vocal performer. But it's J. Allen's inability to be boxed-in that makes him truly unique. RnB/Soul grooves to Top40 tunes, gospel riffs to CCM anthems, driving rock ballads to traditional vocal masterpieces - J. Allen meaningfully delivers them all, carrying his audience with him on a refreshing journey.


Hailing from Atlanta, GA, J. Allen traveled around the nation for many years as a background vocalist. His resume includes performances on the Stellar Awards, Good Morning America, the Celebration of Gospel, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and more. What J. Allen has to offer goes far beyond his vocal prowess, though. A nuanced songwriter, several of J. Allen's original work is featured on albums from artists across the country. His musical works cross genres, generational rhythms, and lyrical themes. Also, J. Allen has directed several music groups throughout his career such as the Florida Memorial University Gospel Choir and the Florida Memorial University Ambassador Chorale. He has served as a music director, too, for various churches in Atlanta, GA and in Miami, FL.


J. Allen is a passionate and effective teacher, as well.  He earned his Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Florida Memorial University (Miami, FL) in 2015 and has taught music in public schools and continues to provide vocal coaching to this day. J. Allen desires to help young talented vocal artists uncover the power of their voice and explore the rich history of cultural music. This is why J. Allen founded Attuned Arts Academy, Inc. in 2018. The organization is a visual and performing arts school with a mission to nurture the development of youth creatives with a rich culturally-centered education in order to prepare them for a future in the arts. In the near future, the Academy will offer a well-rounded educational experience complete with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) accreditation.


J. Allen is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Entertainment Business (Full Sail University). His upcoming graduation will make him the first in his family to earn a post-graduate degree in addition to the first to earn undergraduate and high school degrees. It is this pursuit of excellence that J. Allen brings to each endeavor and injects into each musical performance.  With his debut single "Thank You" being released in August 2020,  J.Allen is ready to etch his name in music history.

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