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2024/2025 Applications open Sept. 1, 2024



MAPS was created to provide scholarships to high school seniors who demonstrate a passion for any of the numerous aspects of “The Arts” including but not limited to film, music, poetry, literature, dance, photography, and multimedia.  The purpose of this scholarship is to provide a “map” for students who have a passion for the arts even if they are not perusing a degree in that area.  Often times, for various reasons, students give up on their passions for roads more “practical” and we want them to know that their passion for the arts is important regardless of what career path they may choose.

The scholarship is offered once a year and open to high school senior applicants.  Each year the scholarship will offer a unique theme and entrants must submit an application demonstrating their passion for the Arts exemplifies that theme. The top five submissions will be featured at the “Night of Black Excellence” Gala.



In order to be eligible for the MAP Scholarship, applicants must be graduating seniors in high school within the state of Florida with a minimum GPA of 2.5.  Applicants must submit their application by the stated deadline in varying accordance to the current year’s rules. The top five applications will be selected and awarded scholarships in the amounts based on recipient level.  In order to receive the scholarship, winners must present the scholarship committee with proof of acceptance to a college, university or trade school.  Applicants will have one (1) academic year to claim their scholarship.



The “Night of Black Excellence” Gala is a chance for “Black-Tie” to be brought back into the community.  We want to bring back “ladies and gentlemen”.  Most people in the minority community, after prom, do not get the opportunity to experience a black-tie event, resulting in not understanding proper attire, etiquette and the overall experience.  The “Night in Black Excellence” Gala will do just that.  It will shine the light on rising stars within the “Arts” world with live performances and art displays, as well as showcase the top 5 scholarship submissions. It also allows the recipients to share space and connect with successful individuals within the Arts who offer mentorship.  All proceeds raised through the Gala will go towards the scholarship for the current and next year.

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